ANC interview with Professor Jay Batongbacal on PH-China joint exploration: "Legality is still an open question."

In a 10-minute interview on ANC’s Headstart, UP Law’s maritime expert Dr. Jay Batongbacal, gives an expert understanding of what joint explorations with China in the West Philippine Sea would entail.  

Stating that there is no “clear cut legal policy (nor experience) on joint development with another State,” Professor Batongbacal argued the cost-effective aspect of such exercise.  He touched upon the economic benefits attached to joint maritime explorations with China and presented the legal barriers to such partnership. “On the question of legality it is still an open question; present jurisprudence is against it and the SC needs to lay down some additional interpretation of the existing law,” he said. He also spoke on the “necessary compromise” the two countries may have to make on the issue of sovereignty over the territory of joint explorations.

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